iPhone Repair Sugar Land - iPhone 3G Cracked Screen Repair Special only $64.99 (including Parts and Labor), ask for a Screen Protector after repair for only $14.99. iPhone Unlock Service for 3.1.2, 3.1.3 & iOS 4 now available at Dr. Cell Phone
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Sugar Land’s Center for Cell Phone Repair

Your cell phone deserves a second chance. Maybe it took a dive on the sidewalk or experienced a liberating dip in your bathroom sink -- that doesn’t mean you should throw it out.

Dr. Cell Phone Sugar Land provides comprehensive repair services for your cell phone. Whether your screen cracked or your connectivity is shot, we can help repair it on the same day you bring it in. Come by our offices and watch our technicians repair your cell phone in-house, or mail it in with our quick and easy mail-in form. Turnaround for mail-in customers is usually 1-3 days, and we ship overnight when needed.

Dr. Cell Phone’s Repair Services

With larger, touch-sensitive screens; LCD displays; exposed USB, sound and SD-card slots; and slim, delicate outer-casings, today’s cell phone has become as fragile as a newborn baby. Not to worry, Dr. Cell Phone provides a comprehensive list of repair services:

  • Cracked or malfunctioning screens:
    • White or color bleeding screens
    • Lines on the screen
    • Black spots
  • Physical damage
    • Broken in half
    • Severe body damage
  • Sound or Microphone problems
  • Connectivity problems (making calls or connecting to the internet)
  • Keypad problems (broken or missing buttons)
  • Charging or power problems
    • Port is broken
    • Pins are bent
    • Loose port
    • Battery replacement
  • Unlocking to change carriers
    • Travel internationally with same cell phone
    • Sell to your friend, or buy a used phone from a friend and keep your carrier

Data Transfer and Recovery

If you decide to change phones, Dr. Cell Phone can transfer your current phone memory into another! We can also create a backup record of your data in case you’d like extra protection from common phone malfunctions.

Cosmetic Repair

Does your pet think your cell phone is a chew toy? Or is the bevel scratched or the outer housing dented? Dr. Cell Phone is also a body shop of sorts. Bring your cell phone in today and we will make it look and feel like new.

The Art of Cell Phone Repair

Dr. Cell Phone Sugar Land has recruited a highly-skilled team of technicians and cell phone designers. With over 25 years of combined experience, each member of our team takes cell phone repairs seriously. We respect the intricacy of cell phone design and spend our down time researching and stocking up on the latest models. The best part is that our technicians are always available to answer any of your questions -- in person. Manufacturers will give you the run around, directing you from department to department. We provide all repair services for you while you wait.

Dr. Cell Phone’s iPod, iPhone and iPad Repair Services

In addition to our more conventional cell phone repair, Dr. Cell Phone provides services for the most popular Apple products, including iPod repair, iPad repair and iPhone repair. The iPod and iPhone repair services are our specialty, as we provide repair services for all iPod Classic and Touch generations, and the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3G S and 4G models.

Dr. Cell Phone also repairs all issues with the new iPad, both 3G and WiFi models.