iPhone Repair Sugar Land - iPhone 3G Cracked Screen Repair Special only $64.99 (including Parts and Labor), ask for a Screen Protector after repair for only $14.99. iPhone Unlock Service for 3.1.2, 3.1.3 & iOS 4 now available at Dr. Cell Phone
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Dr. Cell Phone™ Sugar Land
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Dr. Cell Phone’s iPhone Repair Services

Dr. Cell Phone Sugar Land specializes in iPhone repair, having been one of the first comprehensive repair services for the first generation models. With their large touch-sensitive screens and thin design, fixing malfunctioning LCDs, cracked glass, and loose external headphone jacks on the iPhone 2G quickly became some of our most popular repairs.

Since then, we’ve kept up with the iPhone revolution, offering services for iPhone 3G repairs, iPhone 3G S repairs, and iPhone 4G repairs.

Bring your iPhone in today, and like our other services, we will repair it while you wait! Dr. Cell Phone’s iPhone repair services include:

  • Cracked or malfunctioning screens
  • LCD bleed or white screens
  • Volume/Mute button issues
  • Connectivity issues
  • Battery repair or replacement
  • Home Button fix (stuck or missing)

Dr. Cell Phone Sugar Land Services All iPhone Models

Dr. Cell Phone Sugar Land repairs every iPhone model currently available- iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, and the iPhone 4G. We understand the market is always changing, and our experienced technicians will solve any current issues your iPhone model may face.

Repair Service Better than the Manufacturer

Would you like your iPhone to look and function as if you just bought it? We only use original parts from the manufacturer for our repairs, and our technicians are equally as skilled as the manufacturer’s technicians. So why spend time sending your iPhone to the manufacturer to be fixed, and not receiving any word on its progress? Come in our Sugar Land repair center today, and we will have it for you while you wait.

If you are outside the Sugar Land area, send it in via our mail-in service, and we will get it to you soon (24-hour service in many cases, or 1-3 day turnaround guaranteed).

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